DOHSBase COMPARE® : the most comprehensive database for Occupational Hygiene Exposure Limits and Sampling Methods.

Dohsbase 20-10-16

Are you working regularly as Occupational Hygienist, Safety Officer or Regulatory Affairs specialist with Occupational Exposure Limits (OEL’s) and Sampling Methods for Chemical Substances? Then DOHSBase Compare is an ideal companion for you. Save time, always have the latest information at your fingertips, analyze quickly how to measure and assess threshold levels – all this is possible through the DOHSBase Compare software.

A comprehensive database
DOHSBase Compare contains:

  • a comprehensive database with more than 230.000 chemical substances
  • links to more than 6000 workplace air- and biological monitoring exposure limits (OEL’s).
  • A database  of more than 3,000 internationally renowned sampling methods.
  • A database with the EU-REACH status of all chemical substances,
  • The C&L/CLP/GHS hazard information of about 8,500 substances
  • Physical/chemical properties of about 50,000 substances .
  • Of more than 23,000 chemicals the two dimensional structure can be displayed.


No Exposure Limits? Kick-off Values in DOHSBase!
For about 1200 substances without a health-based OEL but with C&L health hazard phrases Kick-off values are derived. For more information click Kick-off values


Compare® functionality
The unique Compare® mode allows you to assess of mixtures of chemicals with their hazard (TOX), their ability to become airborne (TIX) and the overall Risk Potency of up to 30 different chemicals at a time. A truly powerful way to assess quickly the overall risk when complex occupational health risks occur. No other program allows you to make such calculations!
DOHSBase Compare saves you hours of preparation time per project!


Four versions of DOHSBase Compare® are available to you Now!

  • NL Xtend: The full chemical database version primarily for the Dutch Market
  • EU Xtend: The full chemical database version aimed for the whole European market
  • UK-Xtend: The full chemical database for the market in the United Kingdom
  • FR-Xtend: The full chemical database for the market in France

For more information on the differences in the versions, click here.

See a here the demonstration videos on the software package.