Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement DOHSBase – 12/2020

Vanwege onze internationale bedrijfsactiviteiten is onze privacyverklaring in het Engels.

Article 1: Introduction

This is the privacy statement of DOHSBase. In this statement you can read how we deal with the personal information that we collect from our contact with you. DOHSBase complies with this statement fully to the European and Dutch Law concerning dealing with privacy information (General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Algemene Verordening Persoonsgegevens(AVG)).

Article 2: Collecting privacy data

Your privacy is important to us. We will do our utmost to protect the data we have on you. In order to provide services and products to you we need an essential set of personal data however. DOHSBase uses these data, because you use our products and/or services and because you provided us with these data out of your own accord.

We use these data for the following purposes:

  • Provide products, services and invoices;
  • Sending of newsletters;
  • Processing of your orders and informing you on the progress of services provided;
  • Recording of customer data in our database in order to record and maintain the agreements between you and DOHSBase;
  • Recording of customer data for administrative processes;
  • Offering you insight in what we have recorded of you through our customer portal;
  • Informing you on product- and services developments.

Article 3: Customers

DOHSBase provides only products and services for Business-to-Business activities and not for private persons.

DOHSBase has no intent to collect data from persons under 18 and will not knowingly collect data of such persons (although age is not a data field that we collect). DOHSBase does not collect data of ‘special categories of personal data’ (as in article 9 of the EU Regulation 2016/679).

Article 4: Data security

Our website uses the so-called SSL-security system (Secure Socket Layer) in connection with a 128/256-Bit-encryption. This technique offers the highest security and is for example used by banks for online banking. All data submitted by you are consequently extensively secured. You can recognize this in our website by the web address https:// .. etc. or by a little key in your browser.

We use a double verification process to prevent others to access your personal data and to hack in to our database.

Our web-service providers have separate privacy protocols that have been reviewed by us and comply to the highest standards.

Article 5: Data from web visits

We receive data from your visits to our website. We use these data to get a better insight what (potential-) customers are looking for. These data are used for improvements of the websites and our solutions. The recorded data are de-personalized before usage.

Article 6: Review and correct customer data

Via our websites you can access the secure customer portal or DOHSBase Online. This does not only provide you with our latest products to which you are subscribed to, but also the personal data of the subscriptions. You can investigate these anytime and change them yourself.

We strongly advise you to review these data every time you come to the customer portal.

Article 7: Data archiving

When you close your relationship with us, we will save some of the data according to the legal data archiving period. We will immediately delete data that are no longer required.

After this period, we will destroy the data.

Upon request we will provide you with insight in these data.

Article 8: Data sharing

DOHSBase will not share your data with third parties, unless this is necessary for the execution and maintenance of our products and services or to comply to legal regulations.

Article 9: Telephone conversations

We do not keep records of our telephone conversations with you.

Article 10: Adaptations

This privacy statement may be adapted over time. The latest version of this privacy statement is the one shown on our website.