Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

On this page we will answer the most frequently asked questions about using the DOHSBase Compare software. If you have questions, just ask the Help Desk via e-mail: As new questions and answers are added, we advice you to check regularly this page.


Q: How do I install the software?

A: The installation of DOHSBase Compare is started by starting the file  DOHSBase_[version}_setup.exe on your CD. The set_upfile leads you through the installation. The DOHSBase Compare Quick Installation Guide also helps you.


We have also made a video about the installation. The installation of DOHSBase Compare does not take longer than 3 minutes!


Q: How can I adjust the width of the columns?

A: If you place the mouse cursor on the right side of the column name, the mouse cursor changes to a resize cursor to the column. Drag the mouse to change the width of the column. DOHSBase Compare remembers the new settings, so you do not have to do this again, if you start the program again.


Q: How can I restore the settings of the software?

A: This can be done 2 ways: first, you can set every setting (such as screen language, column width) to your desire. DOHSBase Compare remembers the settings, so you don’t have to do this again, if you restart the software.

Secondly, you can remove the file ‘dohsbase.dgs’ in the file folder. By doing so the standard settings are applied when starting the software. When DOHSBase Compare is started after the removal of ‘dohsbase.dgs’ a new version of the file is made, with the standard settings. Now you can set the settings to your desire.


Q: What are the system requirements?

A: DOHSBase Compare works the best when the following system requirements are met:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or 8
  • Internal memory: minimal 256 MB
  • Disk Space: minimal 1 GB
  • Screenresolution: minimal 1024 * 780 pixels

The DOHSBase Compare executable file (dohsbasecompare.exe):

  • does not need .DLL files when working in Windows 7 or 8;
  • does not modify the Windows Registry
  • uses DAO or the Microsoft Jet database-engine (standard in Windows 7 and up)


Q: Does DOHSBase Compare work on an Apple-computer?

A: DOHSBase Compare is developed for Windows computers, but works also on Mac-computers (MAC OS X v. 10.4.6 and higher). But only if a Windows environment is activated (with ‘Boot Camp’) or with virtualization software like Parallels (Nova) or Fusion (VMWare). Refer to your Apple-reseller for more information about these possibilities.