DOHSBase was issued in 1992 for the first time by  the ‘Threshold Values and Measurement Methods’ committee of the Dutch Occupational Hygiene Society (in Dutch: NVvA). Actually the name DOHSBase refers to its Dutch Occupational Hygiene Society history. The succes of DOHSBase (a second version was developed in 1994) made it preferable to professionalize the future editions. This was not possible within the NVvA charter, so some members of the committee founded DOHSBASE v.o.f. (a limited liability company under Dutch law).


DOHSBASE v.o.f. issued the third edition of DOHSBase in 1995. Thereafter biannual updates of the program were made and distributed to our customers.

In May 1998 the first Windows-version was released (Windows 3.**), which was published alongside the still existing MS-DOS-version: DOHSBase 4. The MS-DOS-version was discontinued per October 1999.

In August 2000 DOHSBase was published for the first time as a 32-bitsapplication (for Windows95 and higher) under the name of DOHSBase2000.




In May 2005 the beta-version of the Compare Mode was published for the first time (update 05-01). This enhanced the software to evaluate and compare, besides the regular library of Occupational Exposure Limits and Measurement Methods, all kind of different substances with each other to assess its risks at the workplace atmosphere. The module also calculates the so called “Kick-off Values” for substances that do not have any formal occupational exposure limits.




In November 2006 (update 06-02) the Compare Mode was officially launched and this version of DOHSBase was baptized DOHSBase Compare. The language for the screens was made changeable between English, Dutch, German, French, Norwegian and Spanish (Castillian).



In January 2011, DOHSBase Compare was made fully REACH compliant (Update 2011-01) and the database was extended from around 4.600 to 172.000 substances. This extension is since then available as the versions NL Xtend (with focus on the Dutch market) and EU Xtend (with focus on the international European markets). For the Dutch market the original (limited database) is still avalailable as NL Standard.

With the 2012-02 update the DOHSBase Compare Help is now fully translated into English