Kick-off values discussed publicly with colleagues

The kick-off values ​​have been given a clear place in the Dutch OEL policy in the last years. In recent months we have been working on a reassessment of the original kick-off values ​​from 2005. This has led to the publication of new draft kick-off values ​​in 2014 (see: In the months of April and June, the new kick-off values ​​will be publicly discussed at three associations for occupational hygiene in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States.


The first time will be at the conference of the Dutch Occupational Hygiene Society (NVvA; on April 2 and 3, 2014. Secondly, at the conference of the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS, on April 8 to 10, 2014. And finally in the United States during the AIHCe (a joint conference of ACGIH and AIHA,


Following these discussions, we will use the comments and improvement of our colleagues in finalizing the the kick-off values ​​2014 to final adoption.