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From now on DOHSBase is also available as an online version! Do you work with chemical substances and would you like all necessary information regarding limit values and handling? DOHSBase offers you a complete and up-to-date database: based on legislation and checked by specialists.

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The most comprehensive database available:

DOHSBase: complete database voor uw gemak
Alle benodigde informatie direct voor handen
  • More than 245.000 chemical substances
  • Links to 6.000 workplace atmosphere and biological monitoring limit values
  • Links with more than 3.000 internationally accepted measurement methods
  • Actal REACH status of all chemical substances
  • The C&L/CLP/GHS danger information for more than 4.000 chemicals
  • The Physical / chemical properties of 50.000 substances
  • More than 18.000 two-dimensional structureformulas

No limit values? Then kick-off levels are possible! 

DOHSBase contains exposure limits for many thousands of substances. The limit values are obtained from various national and international sources, following an adapted version of the hierarchy of the SER Guideline “Safe Working with Chemical Substances”.

Still no Has no limit value? Then you can use the kick-off values developed by DOHSBase. The kick-off levels are based on the “hazard banding” system. More information? Click here

Through the use of kick-off values, limit values are available for many more substances, with which the requirements of I-SZW in the context of the Self-inspection of Hazardous Substances can be met. Kick-off values are accepted by I-SZW if there are no other limit values.  Click here for the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ of the self inspection tool.

The Compare® functionality

With the unique Compare® mode (currently only available in the PC version) you can simultaneously assess up to thirty hazardous substances, whether or not in mixtures, on their risk potential. This is a powerful tool if you want to replace a dangerous substance with a less dangerous one from the ISZW Self-inspection Tool! After all, replacement is the highest level of measures according to the occupational hygiene strategy.

DOHSBase Compare® ranks substances in four hazard bands (TOX). For the substances with a relevant vapor pressure, the TOX is combined with the relative volatility relative to the limit value (TIX). The TOX and TIX product provides the Risk Potential (Risk Assessment Score = RAS) that indicates whether a substitute has a lower risk with equal use.


No other program can quickly make this type of calculation!

There are currently 3 versions of DOHSBase Compare® available!

  • NL-XtendWith the extensive database and the Dutch hierarchy, for the Dutch market
  • EU-XtendWith the extensive database and the European hierarchy, for the international, European market
  • FR-XtendWith the extensive database and the French hierarchy, for the market in France