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DOHSBase is since recently available as an online service! Do you work with chemical substances and would you like all the necessary information about limit values and ways to handle it? DOHSBase offers you a complete and up-to-date database: based on legislation and checked by specialists.



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The most complete database currently available:

DOHSBase: complete database voor uw gemak
Alle benodigde informatie direct voor handen
  • More than 245.000 documented chemicals
  • Links to more than 6.000 workplace air- and biological monitoring exposure limits (OEL's)
  • More than 3.000 internationally renowned sampling methods
  • Up-to-date REACH status of all substances
  • The C&L/CLP/GHS hazard information of more than 4.000 substances
  • The physical/chemical properties of 50.000 substances
  • More than 18.000 two-dimensional structure formulas

The Compare® functionality

The unique Compare® mode allows you to assess of mixtures of chemicals with their hazard (TOX), their ability to become airborne (TIX) and the overall Risk Potency of up to 30 different chemicals at a time. A truly powerful way to assess quickly the overall risk when complex occupational health risks occur. No other program allows you to make such calculations!
DOHSBase Compare saves you hours of preparation time per project!

There are 3 DOHSBase Compare® versions available!

  • NL-Xtend: The full chemical database version, primarily for the Dutch market
  • EU-Xtend: The full chemical database version, aimed for the whole European market
  • FR-Xtend: The full chemical databse version, for the market in France