Update 2021-01: DOHSBase up to date again!

We recently realized update 2021-01 of DOHSBase (www.dohsbaseonline.com). The download for DOHSBase Compare (offline use) will be available soon. Users of DOHSBase Compare will be notified when this update can be downloaded.

Besides updates and improvements (see the overview below) we have also made some visual adjustments in DOHSBase Online. For example, the CAS- and EC-number is visible below the name of the substance on every page. This means you always have this information at hand.

Furthermore, the date of the database is visible on the Dashboard, under the country flags. This gives you insight in the actuality of the database.

Below are the substantive improvements and adjustments that we have implemented in this update.

  • The new and changed substances on the Dutch SZW list of CMR substances of 4 January 2021 have been included (only visible in the NL version).

  • The limit values from the United Kingdom (UK-WEL), the United States (OARS-WEEL) and Germany (DFG-MAK and TRGS900-AGW) have been updated.

  • The most recent advices from the Dutch Health Council (All-trans retinoic acid [CAS-number 302-79-4], Hydrogenated Terphenyl [CAS-number 61788-32-7], Cadmium and selected cadmium compounds [various CAS-numbers]) are included in this update.

  • The European REACH registrations and DNEL values have been updated through November 2020, including a hyperlink to the REACH registration dossier on the ECHA’s website.

  • Manufacturers must process the 15thATP of the CLP Regulation in Safety Data Sheets before 1 May 2022. The new and amended harmonized classifications of the 15thATP have already been processed on the website of ECHA and are already included in this update.

The European limit values of the 5th list of indicative occupational exposure limit values (IOLVs) (Directive (EU) 2019/1831), which must be incorporated into national legislation by 20 May 2021, are included in this update.

In the past six months, DOHSBase has again carried out evaluations of notified classifications, partly at the request of our customers, with data from ECHA (CLP notifications), Dutch Health Council, SCOEL/RAC, IARC, ACGIH, WEEL, IFA, Concawe and the Australian version of GHS. The number of substances for which the available health hazards have been evaluated by DOHSBase and converted to GHS / CLP classifications and H3 ## codes is now almost 2400. If you would also like to conduct an evaluation of the classification of a substance, please contact us by emailing admin@dohsbase.nl.

Complex hydrocarbon mixtures and petroleum products (“petroleum substances”) have limited classification under REACH, because epidemiological data are often ignored in the hazard assessment. The health classifications have been supplemented from various sources with (chronic) toxic properties on the central nervous system. Finally, we added the classification and labeling by Concawe (European knowledge organization of the petroleum industry), in the absence of a harmonized classification.

We trust that this updated database will support you again!

We trust that this updated database will support you again!