Update 06-21

In the intermediate update of June 2021, which is available from June 22, we have made an addition in the harmonized classifications (CLH). In addition, we have made necessary improvements based on user feedback in the Feedback of DOHSBase Online or via the Help Desk. We thank all those who have done this. As a result, some (disturbing) errors have been corrected and the program has become better. Over the past decades, the European Substances Agency (ECHA) has assessed and harmonized classified (CLH) more than 4600 (groups of) substances for safety, health and the environment. Today, this is done under the supervision of the Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC).

For some group of substances, such as compounds of mercury, arsenic, selenium, beryllium and other metals, the ECHA website offers so-called ‘expert judgment’ lists with overviews of CAS and EC numbers of substances belonging to a certain group. In DOHSBase, these substances are linked to the classification of the group via the CAS or EC number, with an addition in the Classification field: ‘ECHA expert judgement’. Unfortunately, ECHA’s expert judgment lists are not exhaustive (e.g. for lead and mercury) and are missing for certain group assessments (e.g. Chromium(VI), arsenic, antimony and barium). We have (temporarily) solved this by using the group assessments but stating in the Classification field: ‘DOHSBase expert judgment’.

The intermediate update of June 2021is only available for DOHSbase Online (as of June 22, 2021) and not for (offline) DOHSBase Compare. A regular update (2021-02) is planned for July 2021 and will also be available for DOHSBase Compare.

We trust that this updated database will support you optimally again!

Do not hesitate to submit your suggestions for improvement to us. This can be done by emailing helpdesk@dohsbase.nl or by using the Feedback button in DOHSBase Online. To do this, click on “GIVE FEEDBACK” in the menu.