DOHSBase Compare

DOHSBase Compare® simplifies the exposure assessment, using the most recent industrial hygiene data on chemical properties, limit values and sampling methods.

It is no longer possible to take subscriptions on the Xtend versions. Instead we propose you to move to the more versatile version DOHSBase Online with similar functionality. Please go to 

If several chemicals are involved (e.g. complex mixtures) DOHSBase Compare® helps you to focus on the substance with the highest health risk potential.

DOHSBase Compare®Workplace exposure assessment
DOHSBase Compare®National & International
DOHSBase Compare®Quick and reliable
DOHSBase Compare®The package
DOHSBase Compare®Quality control
DOHSBase Compare®The subscription
DOHSBase Compare®:  NL-Xtend, EU-Xtend

DOHSBase Compare® : Workplace exposure assessment
Workplace health treats are worldwide quite commonly assessed using the risk model approach: The exposure to the hazard is assessed using measurements, an estimation or a model calculation; the outcome is than compared with an occupational limit value.

Using DOHSBase exposure assessment is done correct and efficient.
The following workplace factors are at this moment included in DOHSBase:

Chemical substances: Vapors, gasses & aerosols
Biological factors: Enzyms, wooddust, bacteria & molds
Noise: hazardous & nuisance
Vibration: Physical & hand-arm
Radiation: Ionising & non-ionizing
Elecromagnetic fields: & and dynamic
Climat: indoor
Physical load: Manual lifting, posture & pressure


DOHSBase Compare®: National & International
DOHSBase started back in1992 in theNetherlands by the Dutch Occupational Hygiene Society (NVvA). Since then the software has become international through continuous development. It now contains data on limit values and sampling methods, presented hierarchically based on National Standards of many countries. DOHSBase is REACH compliant, contains all harmonized data of EU-GHS (CLP).


DOHSBase Compare®: Quick and reliable
Information on limit values and sampling methods can be found in many different documents. Searching to the right source can take many hours. In addition you may find outdated or inadequate information. DOHSBase works quickly and efficiently. An agent (chemical, physical etc,) can be found by its name, synonyms and in the case of chemicals by different international identification numbers (CAS, EINEC).
But even if you know only a part of the name , you can find the corresponding agent: from a list of names and synonyms that contain the typed characters, you can choose the agent desired.


DOHSBase Compare®: The Package
DOHSBase Compare includes :

  • the database,
  • the viewer,
  • the search mode,
  • the compare mode
  • the help function.

At first buy you receive the complete package. Following that, every six months you receive updates. The help informs you on all aspects of the program, the sources used , the applied hierarchy and background information.
The operating system is user friendly. DOHSBase works best on Intel Dual Core or higher. DOHSBase Compare is a stand alone program. With one or more licences you may install DOHSBase Compare in a network. For more details read the terms and conditions (link).


DOHSBase Compare®: Quality control
DOHSBase is made by a group certified Occupational (Industrial) Hygienists, specialists on the realm of limit values and sampling methods. Updates are extensively tested before release by Industrial Hygienists.


DOHSBase Compare®  :  Subscription
DOHSBase is distributed in annual subscription. Because information changes fast and because new information is growing, this is the best way to assure you use always the most recent regulatory data. The subscription includes two updates a year. In addition you are informed on important developments by regular Newsletters and the internet site. Further there is a help desk function where you can address you questions.

It is the experience of our clients that the licence costs are far below the hourly cost you spend annually to find the data in the official sources.


DOHSBase Compare® :  NL-Xtend, EU-Xtend


DOHSBase Compare® NL-Xtend

As the name indicates this is the Dutch version contains now a database extended to  172.000 chemical substances,  with  toxicological and physical-chemical information  for a large part of the database.

DOHSBase Compare® EU-Xtend

This is the International version in English (and other main European languages) with the occupational limit values in a health based hierarchy where the European OEL’s are leading. Beside the use in Occupational Hygiene,  this version is ideal for companies who wish to import/export substances into the European Union and for Public Authorities and Companies who are active in the field of Regulatory affairs of Chemicals.

For more information about the differences between the versions: click here (in Dutch)