Database support by DOHSBase


Many companies have specific company-owned databases of chemical substances, which they use in their processes. Each substance has data on physical-chemical properties, Classification & Labelling and Occupational Exposure Limits.

Maintaining such databases is a time-consuming and error-sensitive work, which does not always relate to the expert level of the persons responsible, causing incomplete and not up-to-date databases. This can be very risky when audits and inspections take place or when safety registration papers have to be filed.

DOHSBase is continuously maintaining the data of their own database as is required to maintain our software package DOHSBase Compare. We are now able to share our data with you and take over the laborious work of maintaining your own databases.


Supported data formats are: csv, xls, xlxs & xml


Based on a requirements check DOHSBASE can make you a competitive offer to maintain your own data.


Free check! Send us a list of up to 10 substances and we will send you a summary (pdf-document) of what we have available to you. Mail your list of max 10 CAS-numbers to:

The DOHSBASE database contains more than 170.000 chemical substances. For 40 thousand of these we have extensive physical-chemical data. The DOHSBase database contains all legal OEL’s of the largest European countries and of the USA. Our source list is continuously growing. At this moment (November 2015) the sources for OEL’s are:

  • The Netherlands (Legal)
  • Europe (BLV & IOLV)
  • The Netherlands (Health-based recommended values from Health Council of the Netherlands)
  • Europe (Health-based recommended values from SCOEL)
  • Germany (Health-based recommended values from DFG)
  • Germany (Legal-AGS)
  • United Kingdom (Legal-WEL)
  • France (Legal-VLEP)
  • Spain (Legal-LEP)
  • Sweden (Health-based recommended values from NBOSH)
  • USA (Legal-OSHA-PEL)


In our software package DOHSBase Compare® not all OELs from all sources are presented, as we use a hierarchy to present them. For more information on the software DOHSBase Compare®, please click here.