Interim update 03-21

In the beginning of March 2021, we made a few adjustments to DOHSBase Online.

We have updated the deep links to the Gestis substances database (the URL has changed and sometimes requires some patience) and added for more than 25,000 substances new deep links to the ECHA website with ‘substance information’ and the ‘registration dossier’ (toxicological information with possibly a DN / MEL).

We also added the comment ‘(possibly) carcinogenic substance’ in de Limit Tab of DOHSBase Online. This has been done for:

• 1076 substances that have a broad agreement on carcinogenicity in the Brief profile at ECHA (H350).

• for 299 substances with notified CLP classifications for carcinogenicity (H350) for less than 50% of the notifiers.

In the Netherlands this comment ‘(possibly) carcinogenic substance’ means that the substances are referred to in art. 4.11 of the Dutch Working Conditions Decree and are an addition to the Dutch SZW list of CMR substances (the B list with classified H350 carcinogens according to CLH (harmonized classification ECHA), IARC and the Health Council of the Netherlands). In our opinion, the additional registration obligation also applies to these substances (Dutch Working Conditions Decree art. 4.13).

These improvements have only been implemented in DOHSBase Online and not in DOHSBase Compare, where they will become effective with the next regular update (summer 2021).