Comments period on draft Kick-off levels 2014 ends on December 1, 2014

In April and June of this year we presented the newly derived draft kick-off levels at conferences of professional associations of occupational hygienists in the Netherlands, Great Britain and the United States. Also, we posted the draft kick-off levels on our website. The draft kick-off levels are recalculated with H-phrases instead of R-phrases. New classifications of risk categories, based on H-statements, are also applied.


We have stated that the new kick-off levels should be seen as a concept and that all comments are welcome. The comments period will close on December 1, 2014. The received comments will then be processed into the publications that we are currently working on, and also in the next update (2015-01), which will appear early January 2015.


So, if you still want to add comments, please do so before December 1, 2014 via email to