Webinar on January 27th, 2016

On Wednesday, January 27th, 2016 we will hold the first webinar of DOHSBase. In this presentation on the Internet, we want to show users and others interested the possibilities of the program. We also pay attention to the new lay-out of the Tab ‘Properties’ and the updated ‘Compare’ mode. The webinar (in Dutch only) will take one hour and will be held on Wednesday, January 27th, 2016 at 14:00 hours (Central European Time). In the evening at 20.30 hours we will repeat the presentation.


Would you like to attend one of the sessions? Please send an email to events@dohsbase.nl. We will send you the required credentials. There are, as it is the first time, no charge to attend the webinar.


Dutch National Chemicals Day 2015

On Thursday, October 1st 2015, the 6th Dutch National Chemicals Day takes place at the Golden Tulip Hotel De Heerlickheijd in Ermelo, the Netherlands. The National Chemicals Day is the place to exchange knowledge and experience about the safe and sound handling of hazardous substances. We as DOHSBASE v.o.f. are proud that we can present our contribution to this theme on this day at the exhibition.

As a relation, we would point out that it is still possible to register for this interesting day through the website landelijkestoffendag.nl (in Dutch only).

We hope to see you at our booth on October 1st. !

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IOHA2015 London (NL)

Van 25 t/m 30 april 2015 waren we aanwezig tijdens de conferentie IOHA2015. Deze wereldwijde conferentie van arbeidshygiënisten wordt om de 3 tot 5 jaar georganiseerd. Dit jaar in Londen. We hebben drie presentaties gegeven tijdens deze conferentie. In op onze webpagina ‘Publicaties & Presentaties‘ kunt u de handouts van deze presentaties inzien en downloaden.

Four new legal OELs in the Netherlands on October 1, 2014

As of October 1, 2014, four Dutch legal limits as TWA 8 hours have been set for the substances Acetic acid, Calcium dihydroxide, Cresol and Picric acid.

  • Acetic acid (CAS# 64-19-7): Legal 25 mg/m3. SCOEL and ACGIH recommend to use also a STEL of 50 mg/m3 in controlling exposure.
  • Calcium dihydroxide (CAS# 1305-62-0): Legal 5 mg/m3. Health-based recommendations (SCOEL, DFG) are 1 mg/m3/8 hour and 2 to 4 mg/m3/15 minutes.
  • Cresol, all isomers (CAS# 1319-77-3): Legal 22 mg/m3 with Skin-notation. SCOEL and the Dutch Health Council don’t give a health-based recommendation. In Sweden OELs of 4,5 mg/m3/8 hour and 9 mg/m3/15 minutes are used. The recent REACH dossier has a DNEL of 0,9 mg/m3 to prevent local irritation.
  • Picric acid (CAS# 88-89-1): Legal 0,1 mg/m3. SCOEL and the Dutch Health Council don’t give a health-based recommendation. The substance is a skin sensitizer and has a weak genotoxic potential.


Although these new OELs ​​are useful for enforcement, we recommend that you take a more thorough approach to protect the health of workers and controlling exposure. The above information is derived from DOHSBase Compare, which uses​​ the hierarchy of OELs as presented at September 25, 2014 during the NVvA/ NVT-AT meeting on the future of OELV policies (http://www.tsac.nl/publicaties/Presentation_H3-statement_based_kick-off_levels_140925.pdf, sheet 10).